Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Porto, Portugal

Clerigos Streets

Eyes on Porto

Sao Joao

Trolley Vinte e Dois

                It has been way too long since I last gave you guys a post, my apologies.  A month and a half of traveling gave me a lot of photos to skim through.  I would like to start in Porto, Portugal.  It is situated on the Northern coast of Portugal. 
                I traveled to Porto with my wife.  She learned though a few travel books that Porto throws a very exciting and entertaining festival called, Sao Joao (Saint John).  The festival started at around 5pm by the river's edge where the beer of choice was "Super Bock" and the snack of choice was a few pieces of tasty pork on a bun.  The best part of the festival was that everyone gets to hit each other on the head with a plastic hammer.  The plastic hammers replaced an old tradition of using a garlic stem that represented wishing people good luck.
                Porto was a very vibrant city during the festival, which lasted until the sun came up the next day.  After the festival, the city really died down but it allowed me to enjoy the old streets and the intimate charm of the people.