Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Porto, Portugal

Clerigos Streets

Eyes on Porto

Sao Joao

Trolley Vinte e Dois

                It has been way too long since I last gave you guys a post, my apologies.  A month and a half of traveling gave me a lot of photos to skim through.  I would like to start in Porto, Portugal.  It is situated on the Northern coast of Portugal. 
                I traveled to Porto with my wife.  She learned though a few travel books that Porto throws a very exciting and entertaining festival called, Sao Joao (Saint John).  The festival started at around 5pm by the river's edge where the beer of choice was "Super Bock" and the snack of choice was a few pieces of tasty pork on a bun.  The best part of the festival was that everyone gets to hit each other on the head with a plastic hammer.  The plastic hammers replaced an old tradition of using a garlic stem that represented wishing people good luck.
                Porto was a very vibrant city during the festival, which lasted until the sun came up the next day.  After the festival, the city really died down but it allowed me to enjoy the old streets and the intimate charm of the people.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Cape Town, South Africa

Flying Fabric

Eclipse Tower

On Board with Peace

On the Green

            In November of 2010, I went to Cape Town, South Africa for my honeymoon.  It was the perfect time to leave NYC, the tough Northeast winters, to enjoy the wonderful weather of summer all over again.  South Africans all have a very big heart and always seem to carry a big smile.  We had the chance visit a few fantastic vineyards.  Not only did we become introduced to a variety of wines but were also introduced to a variety of other couples traveling in the area.   We became close friends with people from Angola and Germany.  
            While uploading these photos I realized they were all done in portrait.   Maybe it was because I was on the other side of the globe that my mind seemed to work better on its side.  Being in South Africa gave me the opportunity to being very close to my main travel goal... Visit Antarctica! 

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Isle of Iona, Scotland

 14 Vessels

Art in Motion

Brown Cow

Galway Hooker

         Last summer I had a great opportunity to sail around the Isle of Mull.  It is an island off of the west coast of Scotland.  One day we stopped by the Isle of Iona.  Great history, beautiful clear waters and a backdrop all photographers would love.  All of the photos in this post are of the Isle of Iona.  I wanted to give you guys a fresh blog before I head on another sailing trip.  This time I will be going across the North Sea.  
         Enjoy the photos I have taken from my many trips around the world.  Leave comments and spread the word!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

New Destinations, New Photos

    This time next week I will be heading to Europe for what will be a very memorable trip.  My first destination will be Dublin, Ireland to celebrate the upcoming nuptials of a good friend of mine... a.k.a Stag party.  We will all enjoy a few pints in the evening but during the day we will be venturing out to very picturesque towns like Glendalough and Kilkenny.  Places, I know, I will have a tremendous time photographing.
    The next destination is a bit harder to pinpoint.  I will head from Dublin to Inverness, Scotland to board a 42-foot sailboat and cross the North Sea.  The thought of being in open water for 3 days is quite exciting.  I have no expectations of what I will see but I will be sure to document everything that presents itself.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Buenos Aires, Argentina

NY is everywhere 

Good Air Torn

The Showdown 

Orange Carpet 

"La Perla" 

2010 was full of overseas trips.  Argentina was a 10 day trip with my wife and sister-in-law.  With close to 15 hrs of sunlight a day, we had the opportunity to visit many neighborhoods and meet many great people.  This was a very colorful city and a great city, that I know we will visit again. 

XXI Winter Olympics - Vancouver, BC

Twisted Light

Sea To Sky 


Blue Point 

February of 2010 I had the chance to work with an international broadcast company covering the XXI Winter Olympics.  During my down time, I enjoyed walking around Downtown Vancouver and the Vancouver suburb of Kitsilano.